Alleged road rage shooter caught in Zapata County

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 12:36 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - An alleged road rage shooter is off the streets.

39-year-old Roberto Gonzalez was arrested in Zapata County this past Saturday on unrelated charges.

While being served with a warrant on aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, he admitted to the incident we told you about last week where a sanitation employee had been shot at along the loop.

Detectives searched his vehicle and found a single bullet casing and Zapata deputies seized a weapon that matched the casing and bullet fragments found in the victim’s vehicle.

According to reports, the suspect shot at him after not being able to merge into traffic.

Gonzalez was tracked down through surveillance videos that showed vehicles matching his in the area at the time of the incident.

No mug shot was available at this time.

Laredo Police continue to search for the person accused of shooting at a city employee along Loop 20 Wednesday afternoon.

The incident happened on Wednesday a little after noon when a sanitation called police saying that he had been shot at twice while driving south on the loop.

The driver wasn’t hit but he did cut his hand on the glass. He was treated at the scene for his injuries.

Police are asking the public for their help in getting the suspected shooter off the streets.

If you have any information on the case, you are asked to call Laredo Police at 956-795-2800 or Crime Stoppers at 727-TIPS.

Authorities are investigating an apparent road rage shooting involving a solid waste driver.

Shortly after noon, police got a call from a City of Laredo sanitation worker that, while he was driving southbound on Loop 20 in front of the City Hall Annex building, someone shot once towards his vehicle--- shattering the window.

Luckily the driver was not hit by the bullet but the shattered glass did cut his hand.

They say the man was treated for his injuries at the scene.

Police are needing the public’s help in getting more information about this incident.

“Loop 20 was actually closed down for at least half an hour this afternoon,” Investigator Joe Baeza told us. “Officers were trying to canvas the area where the apparent shot had taken place to see if they could recover any cases or anything like that. At this time it is being categorized as a road rage incident. If anybody was on the loop and saw this happen, they can call us anonymously with any information. All of that can remain anonymous. At this point, we’re describing a red and colored vehicle. It’s a vehicle that is being relied upon to us by the victim. But as of now, it’s an ongoing investigation.”

The suspect’s vehicle has not been located at this time.

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