Laredo health authority gives pediatric case update

Published: Sep. 22, 2021 at 11:48 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - COVID infections among our youth is on the decline, that’s according to the Laredo health authority Dr. Victor Trevino.

But while things may be looking up, there are still children being impacted by the virus.

Last month, our community saw over 1,000 pediatric COVID cases, which according to the Laredo health authority, is the highest number of infections they’ve seen during the pandemic.

However, Tuesday morning on the Digital News Desk, Trevino announced a shift.

“We are seeing a downward trajectory from the surge that we had in the month of August,” he reported.

Trevino says thatso far this month they’ve seen 290 pediatric covid infections, which resulted in hospitalizations.

That includes a child under the age of ten who was transferred to Driscoll and a ten-year-old who is currently getting help here in town.

“This patient that is locally admitted here, does not require a pediatric intensive care unit, of course, the situation could change.”

Dr. Trevino tells us that not all pediatric cases could be treated at the hospital.

“They’re getting treatment as outpatients and sent home with observation, so that’s not to say that some of these children may have required hospitalization.”

As far as the downward trend, Dr. Trevino attributes it to this: “We know there’s been a significant amount of vaccinations in 12 and above and that also transmits to the general population having less infections.”

When it comes to infections at local schools, Dr. Trevino tells us that the districts only report cases they test.

Any tests done outside of campuses are reported to the health department.

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