What’s on the ballot?

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 11:19 AM CDT
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - If you haven’t gone out to vote, you might not know what’s on the ballot.

There are ten propositions, from school district tax exemptions to religious services and even the pandemic

Local attorney Carlos Evaristo Flores who practices constitutional law says the Texas constitution evolves to meet the people’s needs.

Flores says, “In Texas, the constitution our constitution evolves every two years, the legislature comes back and tries to make amendments to the constitution in order to satisfy special interest groups that have changes in the law that they want to see.”

Two of those propositions on the ballot which are pandemic related.

Proposition three prohibits the state or city to limited or restrict of religious services and organizations.

Early during the pandemic, restrictions forced churches to close their doors keeping worshipers away.

This would allow religious organizations to come together without restrictions on how many people can attend.

Pastor Hector Patino says this proposition protects religious freedom because the city took a law enforcement approach to them.

Patino says, “Religious organizations and churches and pastors and congregations were hurt by this approach by the city government, and I think this is why they are putting this proposition to protect religious freedom.”

He says they understand there may be a risk, but his church will take precautions like wearing a mask and distance between each other.

Also on the ballot, proposition six, which would only allow one essential caregiver to visit a person in a nursing home and assisted facilities.

Quarantine orders kept people from visiting loved ones in nursing homes.

Laredo’s Health Authority Dr. Victor Trevino says there must have a balance between laws and public health.

He says this proposition could put people at risk in these facilities, but the idea of a caregiver is not a problem.

Dr. Trevino says personal safety is important and people understand public health is just as important as laws.

Even though these elections don’t generate as much buss as other they are just as important.

Other propositions include providing tax relief to the surviving spouses of veterans.

To know more about the other proposition on the ballot you can click here.

The last day to early vote for the constitutional amendments is October 29.

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