Webb County discusses possible pay raise for sheriff’s office

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 9:12 AM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Employees at the Webb County Sheriff’s Office will be getting a pay adjustment but just how much was up for debate.

This after county budget officers received the numbers and the calculations didn’t add up according to them.

Back in 2020, Webb County and the Sheriff’s Association came into an agreement to increase salaries for the next seven years; however, on Monday they discussed how they would divide the increase for the 2022 and 2023 year.

That lead to some back in forth at Webb County’s Commissioners Court meeting.

The sheriff’s office was supposed to have an increase of 50 percent for the second year of the contract and third but that quickly changed.

Precinct One Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez says they will be receiving what they had agreed on but now it will be split.

Gonzalez says, “What we agreed right now as a court was to adopt the second part the second 50 percent part...break that off into 25 so they will get the full amount that we agreed upon budget.”

The first part of the agreement was approved but the second part was up for question.

Webb County Commissioners, the Webb County’s Sheriff Association Union and sheriff office employees went back and forth between whether they were going to receive the 50 percent increase for year two.

This concerned commissioners because they claim the sheriff’s office would be receiving more than they previously had agreed on.

Precinct 3 Commissioner John Galo says there was a miscalculation when they approved the five million dollars raise for the sheriff’s office.

Galo says, “A motion was made and adopted to split a four million dollar increase well a four-million-dollar increase turned out to be actually a five and a half million dollar increase with a fringe that wasn’t calculated so there was a miscalculation there.”

We tried to speak to Sheriff Martin Cuellar about the decision, but he couldn’t comment at this time.

Much of what was discussed was behind closed doors during executive session.

Commissioners did talk about some of it after in public.

However, they did say this wouldn’t impact taxpayers since the money comes from county budget.

Commissioners reassured the sheriff’s office will receive the full amount eventually.

Commissioners are hoping that the union agrees with what they proposed Monday morning.

Sheriff Martin Cuellar is expected to speak out about the issue.

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