Are the WBCA festivities in jeopardy?

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 12:02 PM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - With the latest surge in COVID-19 cases, many have been wondering, what does this mean for the WBCA festivities that are set to kick off in the coming weeks?

Despite the omicron variant, organizers are expected to make a comeback, but the city’s health authority is issuing some guidelines and safety tips to keep attendees safe.

Laredo Health Authority Dr. Victor Trevino says the idea is not to shut anything down but to co-exist with the tools that we have as well as the knowledge.

Dr. Trevino says mitigation such as vaccinations, and boosters are the name of the game.

Prior to the pandemic, as many as 400,000 attendees would make their way to the Gateway City to enjoy the festivities in honor of George Washington.

Many of the festivities are held outdoors, but with this being the 124th year of the celebration, new precautions need to be put in place for anyone potentially infected with covid.

Dr. Trevino says ten days is the number of recommended days to be able to be out and about after testing positive for the virus as opposed to the CDC’s recommendation of five days.

He says since we are a border community, we are medically underserved and we have limited hospitals, so it’s good to take those extra precautions when needed.

What we do have is hope and the understanding that if you’re going to attend these events that vaccinations and the use of two masks are highly advised.

Currently, Nuevo Laredo is under a red-light lockdown, but Trevino does not feel it will impact traditional events like Abrazo Ceremony.

Dr. Trevino says, the reopening of the bridges is a good thing because they can get tested at the outlet shops which many people have taken advantage of.

Although Omicron infections may start to decrease, Dr. Trevino says, it won’t stop us from getting another variant and seeing another potential surge.

Right now, the only change to the WBCA schedule is the Commander’s Reception.

It’s been moved from Jan. 20 to Jan. 25.

For questions concerning the upcoming events you can click here.

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