Schools return to remote learning amid covid surge

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 11:31 AM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Monday was the first of five days that the students will be learning from the comfort and safety of their own homes; however, many parents and teachers are not finding it very ideal this time around.

For Gloria Rodriguez, a literacy coach at LISD’s Macdonell Elementary, nothing will compare to the time she lived during the start of the pandemic.

Some normalcy had returned over six months ago, during the fall semester of 2021 as students from both UISD and LISD returned to the classrooms for in person instruction.

However, on Monday, the progress that many thought was over hit another bump in the road.

Remote learning was reinstated after both school districts reported several absences due to a rise in positive COVID-19 cases.

For now, the schools are only allowing it for one week, but many are not looking forward to the chaos this new way learning comes with.

Rodriguez believes the students need to be in the classrooms so they can get the instruction as they need it, in order to learn effectively because it’s too difficult to receive the same education at home.

UISD’s Executive Director for Instructional Accountability, Christina Casanova says that one of the reasons why they switch to remote learning was because of the covid surge that affected not only their students but their teachers and staff as well.

Casanova says, “Mainly our priority are our students. Making sure that they’re safe, hopefully when they come back, they are going to be wearing their masks.”

A majority of students from both school districts are taking part in online instructions from home but there are some students that do not have internet access, those students are allowed on UISD and LISD campuses.

School principal Erika Rodriguez says, “We do have certain families that have different needs so we’re ready for assistance, by providing internet and so all of our students have an electronic device, and we are here ready to assist our students and their families.”

Officials from both districts remind parents and students that this is a temporary decision and remote learning will only be available this week.

Casanova says school officials are going to continue to monitor the numbers and see what city officials are saying while keeping the students and teachers’ safety in mind.

Both districts are providing computers and even WiFi connections through WiFi bus hot spots to those having a hard time accessing remote learning.

Grab and go meals are also being provided to both UISD and LISD students during this time.

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