Which facemask gives you the best protection?

Published: Jan. 18, 2022 at 10:19 AM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - As medical experts learn more about the coronavirus and its variants, changes have been made to health safety measures.

One of the latest is an update regarding the CDC’s mask guidelines.

As we approach the two-year-mark of the pandemic, many things have changed from when we first found out about the virus.

For example, evolving information has provided medical experts to get a closer look at the efficacy of face mask.

The Laredo Health Authority, Dr. Victor Trevino says it’s important to know the difference between the different options of masks if you choose to mask up.

Dr. Trevino says even though we have vaccines and testing, wearing a mask is very important because it will prevent you from breathing in the virus.

Dr. Trevino says a simple mask does not work as well as the N95 mask.

He says people should be aware the knowledge of what masks can do is always developing along with the information about the virus.

For example, Dr. Trevino says it’s now recommended to wear two surgical masks for better protection.

The CDC has even made a chart that lets people know about the different masks.

Some of the different masks people wear on a daily basis are the cloth mask, surgical mask and the N95 but the one health experts recommend the most is the N95, even though the are a little pricey.

Dr. Garza Gongorra says that these masks are the most effective, as long as it’s a N95 or KN95, the design does not matter.

Congorra says, “There is also the KN95 which is almost as good, and the difference is how the straps are applied. One is the kn95 the straps go around the ear and the other one the straps go around the head.”

There is even a mask called the FMK 95 option.

Due to the material, the mask is made of the N95 mask can prevent tiny particles from getting into your nose or mouth and must be fitted to your face to function properly.

He says besides knowing what protection level each mask offers, it is also key to wear them right.

For the best protection wear them around the ear and make sure they are secure around the nose and cheeks.

Both doctors echo what the CDC released last week, urging people to mask up, especially during the surge of the omicron variant.

The CDC says homemade cloth masks are not as effective saying they offer the lowest amount of protection.

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