Laredo fighter back to the grind after winning gold

Published: Apr. 8, 2022 at 9:39 AM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - It’s been less than a week since Jennifer Lozano made Laredo history inside a ring down in Ecuador and just days later she came back to Laredo with her eyes set on the next big step of her boxing career.

It was in south America at the Continental Championships that the young Laredoan had her hand raised in victory proclaiming her as the best at the elite level over north, central and South America but after a questionable second round, she wasn’t so sure it was her name that was going to be called.

Lozano says, “Hearing it was unanimous I swear I thought it was for her because there was no way it was unanimous but as I got my hand raised that was such an adrenaline rush, it was such a great feeling I can’t even express right now with words.”

It was a whirlwind evening for Lozano and it was a bathroom of all places where what she had accomplished sunk in with her gold medal still slung around her neck.

Lozano was able to qualify for Team USA back in 2020 and while the stars and stripes are on her chest, Lozano views her responsibility as more than fighting for her country.

Not only does she feel like she is representing the USA, but her state, her city and many other little girls that look up to her.

The road to a Continental Championship was far from easy with long days spent in Laredo along with the Olympic training center in Colorado Springs and all while dropping down a weight class.

Lozano says, “Even on the days when I thought, “Should I keep going?” because everyone had been doubting me but with that doubt came fuel and with the fuel came my team and I wouldn’t be here without them in this position.”

And while others may be taking a moment to relax, Lozano is back in the gym with her eyes firmly on the next step, the World Championships in Turkey.

With plenty of fight left in her, Lozano says, she is still not done, she needs the World Championship Gold and she is going to come back with gold because while others are celebrating she is working.

Lozano will finish off the week here in the Gateway City then it’s back to training in Colorado with Team USA before another fight camp this time in Italy before the World Championships in Turkey.

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