Abbott announces arrival of tenth bus of migrants at U.S. Capitol

Published: Apr. 22, 2022 at 11:18 AM CDT
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CNN - The ninth and tenth buses transporting groups of unlawful migrants to Washington, D.C. from Texas arrived at the nation’s capital on Thursday.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says he plans to keep bussing undocumented migrants from Texas to D.C. in response to what he says is President Biden’s ongoing failure to secure the border.

Abbott launched the initiative in response to the Biden administration’s plan to end Title 42.

That rule, first invoked by the Trump Administration during the pandemic, allows authorities to turn back migrants at the border without a hearing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it’s no longer necessary to protect public health.

Title 42 is set to end on May 23.

Abbott spoke about the bus caravans at a press conference on Thursday saying, “The number of people on the busses varies because it depends on how many people are in these local communities that are just standing around that the local community has us put on the bus. It’s been as high as I think, 28 or something like that, and as low as something like nine that the nine I think was on Good Friday, when there were just fewer people.”

The governor says he will transport as many people as necessary and that it’s going to be an ongoing process.

Migrants bussed to D.C. by the State of Texas using border security funds said they took the trip voluntarily.

Private charity organizations have been assisting as they arrive in Washington.

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