UISD to make changes to dress code for new school year

Published: May. 12, 2022 at 2:19 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - As the school year winds down, United Independent School District is already rolling out its dress code for next year.

Earlier this week, UISD sent out a letter to parents saying that students in grades pre-k to eighth grade will need to wear uniforms to school.

Parents and community members took it to social media to express their opinions about the return of school uniforms.

Overall opinions were divided; some parents were in favor of uniforms while others were against them.

In the letter that was sent out to parents, it says uniforms are going to be reimplemented on the first day of school, August 10 for UISD students in elementary and middle school.

On the other hand, high school students will use a relaxed dress code that follows the district’s dress code.

Principal of Raul Perales Middle School Martha Alvarez says uniforms are more than just clothes.

Alvarez says, “As a principal of a campus, safety is my main concern so to me to be able to identify who is belonging to me versus somebody walking in not wearing the designated uniform.”

Mrs. Alvarez says it’s easier to question people about why they are on campus if they are not wearing the designated uniform.

The discussion to bring back uniforms has been discussed for months with students and parents from all the different campuses.

UISD’s Director for Discipline Management, Annette Perez says they have modified the dress code for the upcoming school year even for high schoolers.

Perez says, “We had a secondary school administrator representing each and every one of our schools and we also had one elementary school administrator. We also had a parent from each school and a student from each school.”

Students in elementary and middle school will have choices of a collar and sleeved shirts, navy, white and black.

Pants, shorts, and skirts will be allowed in the color khaki, navy, blue or black.

However, students can wear jeans on Fridays and wear their school spirit shirts throughout the week.

Meanwhile at the high school level, students can wear any color of pattern or design, but it must have sleeves.

Perez says tank tops and leggings are not allowed.

She adds clothing with holes or tears will not be accepted.

UISD will provide uniform vouchers in the summer for parents who qualify.

For more information, you can click here.

LISD will also have uniforms in its dress code in the fall as well.

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