Former Laredo Asst. City Manager calls termination ‘punishment’

Kristina Hale speaks exclusively with KGNS about the circumstances surrounding her departure
Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 5:00 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - KGNS News first told you about the most recent staff shake-up at City Hall, Thursday night.

After thorough research, KGNS confirmed that Laredo Assistant City Manager Kristina Hale was no longer employed with the city.

Details have been limited, as many city officials have refused to publicly address the situation.

However, KGNS made contact with Hale directly through text message about what happened.

According to Hale, she received a call on Thursday from Interim City Manager Keith Selman while she was at a conference in Chicago.

She tells KGNS her termination is punishment for allegedly trying to speak out against problems she’s encountered at work.

According to Hale, the decision to terminate her employment came after she allegedly reported what she called, “ongoing acts of retaliation and unfair treatment” against some of the city’s tenured and hardworking employees.

Among them, Purchasing Manager Miguel Pescador.

Hale said Pescador recently filed a grievance against Rosario Cabello, the Deputy City Manager for Laredo.

Hale alleges the grievance filed by Pescador was grossly mishandled.

Hale told KGNS Pescador asked her for guidance on filing an ethics complaint since she had previously served as the city’s ethics compliance officer for ten years.

She added that the complaint filed against Cabello, and the recently appointed Human Resources Director Linda Teniente was wrongly mishandled.

She believes this may have eventually led to her termination.

Hale said other city employees with relevant information have been retaliated against as well.

On Friday, KGNS reached out to Pescador for further information about the alleged grievance filed by him

He only provided a brief statement due to the fact that he has an ongoing civil service grievance and ethics complaint filed.

However, he did confirm that he filed an ethics complaint against Cabello and Teniente.

Pescador’s statement goes on to say he’s concerned for himself and other city employees.

In his statement, he respectfully asks city management and administration to stop any further retaliation against employees and to allow for a fair review and handling process of his employee rights.

Selman has not commented on the situation as of Friday, when KGNS reached out to him on Thursday he responded by saying, " The City OF Laredo’s practice is to not discuss personnel matters.”

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