Laredo native works on Stranger Things

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 1:59 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) -A Laredo Native is making headlines for his work on a popular Netflix series.

Carlos Ramirez, is a man of many talents who is now a score mix engineer for the hit series Stranger Things.

Ramirez says, “I get the music from Mike and Kyle, they are the composers on the show, I work closely with them, and I get their demos and I mix them to get prepped for the stage. I go ahead and make mixes and mixes passes and we check them out and them I make stems and I deliver those stems to the stage they drop them in and it gets kind of burned in and that’s what you hear on the show.”

In the days of his youth, Carlos Ramirez has had a passion for music and mixing, a hobby that would eventually turn into a career.

Since he was a teen, Carlos says he always tried to record music on his own by using different mixing and recording devices.

After years of trial and error, he was able to perfect his art of mixing, something that helped him land a job in the TV industry.

After working on a previous TV show with music supervisors, Ramirez got the chance of a lifetime to work on a hit sci-fi streaming series.

“I was working on a National Geographic show called Valley of the Boom doing the same thing kind of like the score mix engineer on that, that was the first project I worked with Mike and Kyle and the time came when they were working on Stranger Things and they needed somebody, so they hit me up”, said Carlos.

As far as future projects, Carlos will be running up that road and running up that hill as he continues to pursue his passion for the arts.

Carlos says he is hoping to release a record under his music project Auragraph and eventually go on tour.

For those who might have big city dreams about one day working in Hollywood, Carlos advises others to keep doing what you are passionate about.

So, when part two of Stranger Things Season four premieres, be sure to keep your ears peeled for that killer score.

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