LISD employees demand salary increase

Published: Jun. 20, 2022 at 5:12 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - With the recent rise in inflation and mass shootings in the headlines, a group of school officials feel their needs are not being fulfilled.

Last Tuesday, during an LISD Board meeting, educators took to the streets to demand salary increases.

Texas State Teachers’ Association, or TSTA, joined educators at the LISD Board meeting to voice their concerns.

Laredo United TSTA President Rene de la Vina says their demands are reasonable.

De la Vina says the protest comes from teachers, paraprofessionals which are the custodians, the food workers and the people in the food department, all of which are saying they want to get paid more because of the expenses.

As gas and grocery prices continue to skyrocket, professionals in the education field are asking for a pay raise to help offset the expenses.

TSTA asked LISD for a nine percent raise for paraprofessionals and a seven percent raise for teachers and all other staff.

De la Vina also shared there is a shortage of teachers due to the dangers they face at schools.

“Teachers are scared, they are scared to go back to school. Just like the students are scared, so are the teachers, believe me. So, this is why we’re asking, we feel that they deserve it after going through a pandemic, going through all these shootings that are happening, that’s such a shame”, said De la Vina.

Assistant superintendent for finance and business Flor Ayala shared the budget adjustment that LISD approved for the following school year.

Ayala says, “For Thursday’s meeting we have modeled a proposed budget that includes four percent increase for paraprofessionals, two percent for professionals, and $1,100 dollars for the teachers at an estimated cost of $4.3 million dollars.”

Ayala shared that although they understand teachers are suffering due to inflation.

LISD can only provide increases the school district can sustain as money is also tight for them.

The budget adjustment is being supported with ESSER funds and will go into effect July 1 2022.

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