Uvalde mother who rescued kids faces scrutiny from law enforcement

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 4:43 PM CDT
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Uvalde, TX. (KABB) - A mother is credited with saving her sons and other classmates during the Uvalde shooting that took place last month.

The mom says she tried to run into the building as soon as she heard kids screaming but, someone handcuffed her.

Gomez agreed to cooperate and then made a run for it.

Without a doubt in her mind, Angelina Gomez knew she would have to save her children herself.

She jumped a fence, began banging on a nearby door where her oldest son’s teacher saw her

Gomez safely got her oldest son and some of his classmates out then went back for her youngest son, running around the school, desperately searching for his classroom.

“At this moment, I’m jiggling the handle, and I’m going pretty nuts like trying to get the door open, and it’s not gonna open, so I stand back, and the cops are already on me, and they’re, ‘like ‘ma’am calm down”, said Gomez.

She tells them to evacuate the school, or she won’t move.

Gomez says, “Immediately, they start evacuating that classroom, and my son runs out to me, and he’s like, ‘Mom!.I just remember when my son saw my other son, one hugged the other one and said, ‘I’m so glad you’re okay’, and the other one said, ‘I was so worried you weren’t,’ so it was a big thing because, in that moment, I was like they’re really happy to see each other. Thank God to each other that they’re alive.”

Since May 24, Gomez claims she’s been faced with scrutiny from law enforcement at her own home.

Due to incidents like this - Gomez said she has separated from her boys.

She has been protesting along with other community members in Uvalde town square, asking for UCISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo to be fired.

Her goal now is to file a lawsuit,

Criminal defense lawyer, Mark Di Carlo says, “The fact that he wasn’t fired immediately based upon whatever it is, hours of video, from testimonies such as Angelina’s is an indication that there is some sort of what, corruption.”

Di Carlo says he will be representing about 15 other parents in the Uvalde community.

He says he’s working to gather as much evidence as possible before filing any lawsuits.

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