Webb County Sheriff’s Deputies complete SWAT training course

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 6:03 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - A group of peace officers have improved their skills after taking part in an intense training.

After a grueling week, eight Webb County Sheriff’s Deputies completed the SWAT training.

During Monday’s Commissioners Court, diplomas were presented to some of the newest SWAT trainees.

This was the first time the sheriff’s office held a training of this caliber.

Instructed under P-2 concepts, the training lasted for a week and was done at Highway 59 and Camp Huisache.

The SWAT Team Commander at the Webb County Sheriff’s Office Michael Gonzalez says there was a need for more deputies to be trained in SWAT tactics.

Commander Gonzalez says, “I had talked to Sheriff Martin Cuellar about it a few months ago, and he thought it was a good idea. Our numbers were a little low on the team, the members that we had currently, so I kind of wanted to bump those numbers up and so did the sheriff. So we went ahead and we got a contractor from out of town and we brought him down here to host the SWAT school.”

Although the training was planned months ago, Gonzalez says the training came at the perfect time.

After the recent shootings, Gonzalez says having SWAT trained deputies is crucial for these kinds of situations.

“The more officers that we have that have this kind of training and are out on the street, that are in the field and patrol, they are going to be the first ones responding to things like these. So, I think it’s great to have as many officers as possible to have this kind of training, because they’re going to be the first ones inside”, said Gonzalez.

One of the eight graduates, Eddiberto Gomez says he is ready to respond to an emergency call.

Gomez says if he were to be called in, he would have everything prepared and know how to respond within a couple of minutes.

Gomez said a big part of their training is based on teamwork.

Some of the tactical training they learned is unlocking doors, entering, and clearing buildings.

As of now, SWAT training is on a voluntary basis for the officers.

After this recent training, the sheriff’s office has over 20 SWAT trainees.

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