Bethany House helping homeless during summer heat

Published: Jul. 4, 2022 at 5:51 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Now that summer is in full swing in south Texas, there are multiple days where the temperature exceeds the standard triple digit temperatures.

This could be dangerous for those who do not have a place to live or those who do not have access to clean air conditioning or water, but a local shelter is trying to help shade those from the heat.

For people like Arlene Chamberlain and her fiancé, the summer days are tough.

Arlene says most of the time stores allow them to get water and hydrate.

These trying times have left the couple homeless.

Arlene says her fiancé was laid off and she is on disability benefits.

Arlene says, “Everything the little bit that we have to carry around with us they steal it you know when we are asleep.”

Arlene says when outreach case workers from Bethany House like Esmeralda Suarez come to Jarvis Plaza it’s a sigh of relief.

They provide them with bottled water, and sunscreen but most importantly access to the shelter to stay safe from the heat.

Suarez says, “My work consists of going looking for the people under the bridges and the sewers to bring them to Bethany House as soon as I get the client. I refer them to the right people so they can offer them more assistance.”

Suarez says they try to help as many people as possible since in the Gateway City they estimate over 300 homeless.

Bethany House Community Relation Director Cindy Leyendecker says, “The summertime is when Bethany House needs the most help but it’s also the time when we have the least amount of financial support, so we are asking people to help us help others make this summer bearable for the less fortunate.”

Cindy Leyendecker community relations director for Bethany House says they are in need of bottled water, hygiene items, and undergarments donation.

This will help people like arylene and her fiancé that need it the most.

Arlene says, “It’s a blessing we are very grateful that they come. If it wasn’t for them, I don’t know what we would do.”

If you wish to make a monetary donation you can visit Bethany House of

Below is a list of supplies that Bethany House is accepting:








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