South Texas Food Bank teams up with Doordash to help those in need

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 5:31 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - A vulnerable group in the Laredo community is receiving some much-needed assistance.

Thanks to the efforts of an amazing collaboration, people can now receive food right at their doorstep.

The South Texas Food Bank is making sure those who need their assistance receive their goods any way possible.

The organization is partnering with Doordash to deliver food to those most vulnerable in our community, the elderly.

Members of the Commodity Supplemental Food Program or CSFP can request their food to be delivered to their homes.

The CSFP currently has 13,400 people and 5,000 of them live in Laredo.

South Texas Food Bank Executive Director Alma Boubel says this partnership comes after they noticed a decrease in elderly people picking up their food, so the bank wanted to find a way to ensure they get their goods somehow.

Alma Boubel with the South Texas Food Bank says, “We started calling them first and asking them ‘Do you still need the product? Yes. What is the reasons? Well, I couldn’t go, I had a doctor’s appointment’ And we asked them, ‘Would it be better for us to send the product to your home?’ And all of them, not one said no. All of them said absolutely.”

Those receiving their food can rest easy knowing that they will not have to pay Doordash any additional fees.

The South Texas Food Bank says someone else is picking up the tab.

“We are not paying one cent for it. This is a grant through Feeding America that they worked out with Doordash”, said Boubel.

This service launched just last month, and it already has fulfilled 1,000 deliveries in Laredo.

The food bank currently serves 5,000 clients in Laredo.

A client for the food bank says she is more than thankful for the service.

Maria Elena Hernandez says delivery makes a huge difference for people like her.

Hernandez says, “This is an immense help. Because even though the bank is close, we can’t go anymore. Myself with my 80 years, how can I go? Recently I have been having a hard time with my right leg and I can’t walk on it.”

Hernandez found out about the new service while picking up her food at the bank.

She says this feels like heaven sent and although it may seem small it is a big help.

The bank is delivering up to 150 bags a day and only hopes to keep rolling out food to those in need.

Anyone interested in the program can see if they qualify by calling the South Texas Food Bank or visit their website.

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