Tigers Hoping Experienced Upperclassmen Pay Off

Published: Aug. 4, 2022 at 8:51 AM CDT
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The time for football to kick off is near as teams hit the practice fields that includes the tigers over at Martin as they hope to see the lumps their young players took over the past couple of seasons pay off this fall. The past two seasons have been rough on the Tigers, with very few seniors to lean on, it has meant freshmen and sophomores being pressed into action.

“We’re excited with the experience they’ve been getting over these past two years. So we’re looking to get better every day, we like where we are at for day one but nowhere near where we will be three weeks from now.”

That experience is big as the guys at Martin are hoping to hit the ground running with this experience.

“It gets the fear out of the people that got in the varsity game and makes sure that fear is out and it’s a good experience for them because they already know what’s coming up.”

“Covid messed us up, so now that we have these fresh bodies here there are a lot more guys waiting to get on the field, a lot more experience at hand so they can be taught more by the upperclassman.”

Now it’s about putting that experience to use with a couple of stars in the backfield, one big key for the Tigers will be the big boys up front.

“We’ve got a big oline now and we are starting to move faster, this preseason got us good and we are starting to move way quicker.”

As much work as was done this past summer, there is nothing like putting on the pads.

“It’s a nice sensation that comes over you when you put on the helmet and you start running those routes, everything just feels like home.”

“Every day we come in we set that bar one notch higher and it’s just about getting these kids into that daily routine of practice, lift weights, running, back to practice, weights, and then class and all the things that go into being a student athlete.”

With just over three weeks to go before the real thing, the Tigers have their goals set high.

“We have enough talent to win, it’s just about taking care of the little things to take advantage of the opportunities that come in front of us.”

“I’ll be good with 8-2, maybe 9-1 but as long as we get some wins I’ll be proud of my team if we have a good season.”

“Playoffs, that’s all we want, playoffs, nothing less.”

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