What vaccinations does your child need to be ready for school?

Published: Aug. 5, 2022 at 6:01 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - The first bell of the school year begins next week but while they have their supplies in check, certain vaccines are required for students to head back to class.

A mobile health clinic gave residents of all ages low-cost to free health screenings just in time for the new school year.

Mothers like Gloria Mendez rely heavily on these services in order for her kids to receive the proper care, especially with high prices due to inflation.

As the new school year approaches, UISD and LISD says newcomers need to be vaccinated before they can step into their classrooms.

Some of these vaccines that are required are measles, tetanus, polio, hepatitis A-and-B and chicken pox but there are some things parents and guardians need to know.

Irene Rosales, the UISD Health Services Director says if kids are not vaccinated before the start of the school year, they might not be allowed on campus.

“It’s state mandated that they are fully vaccinated, so unless they have started their vaccines and they are pending to continue, we can allow them to come in, but if they are behind, we cannot allow them to come into school”, said Rosales. “Their TB test takes up to 48 to 72 days to be ready, so if you go let’s say on Monday, you won’t be ready for Wednesday.”

LISD Nurse Iris Herrera says in case of an emergency.

Parents and guardians must provide their child’s medical history.

Herrera recommends that if their child has any health or medical conditions to contact the school nurse so they can make sure that their child is taken care of.

As for parents or guardians that do not want to vaccinate their children due to personal reasons, both districts say the parents need to fill out a special form before the start of the school year.

If parents decide to vaccinate their child a day or two before the first day of school, expect their first day of class a week after or until all their vaccines are in check.

Click the links to see the complete list of vaccine doses for UISD or LISD.

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