The Alexander Bulldogs get Ready for Up Coming Season

Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 8:05 PM CDT
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The Alexander Bulldogs are coming of a rough season after only winning three games in the entire year.

In January the Bulldogs named then United South Offensive Coordinator Edwin Garcia as their new Head Coach.

“The main thing it’s we have a great staff working for us and working for the kids serving the kids if anything that’s what I’m more excited about, we have a great group of coaches leading a great group of man and a great community to back us up. I know bulldog nation is real excited and I know I’m personally real excited the coaching staff is excited so we’re getting ready to get going“. Said Garcia when asked about his new role as the leader of the Bulldogs.

On the offensive side Junior Quarterback Javi Jimenez is ready to step on the field and take command of the offense after a year with only 6 touchdown passes.

“I feel like I have a chip on my shoulder because I feel like I’m a lot better than the other quarterbacks in this district I feel like I have a big chip on my shoulder” Said Javi Jimenez during the team’s practice on Wednesday.

During my time with the bulldogs, I made sure to ask the players and Coach Garcia if the game against United South meant somthing to them and if it was one that’s circled on their calendar.

Coach Garcia responded to me like a lot of coaches would, saying that the team has a couple of games to worry about before getting to that one. Garcia also added that his team “has to focus on getting better every day... and I think when we get there that game is going to take care of itself”

On the other side his players made it no secret that October 21st is a day that they are looking forward to.

“You stay here for a week you’re going to hear let’s beat south let’s beat south they beat us in our seven on seven and we didn’t like that,” said Jimenez.

Defensive Leader Josh Torres also spoke on that rivalry saying that, the bulldogs have been talking about that game and that they are hoping to play good and win against the panthers.

The Bulldogs kick off the 2022 season against Holmes High School on Saturday August 27th in a home non-district game.

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