English Nationals in Laredo bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 6:08 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - After 10 days of mourning, the world said its last goodbye as the queen was laid to rest alongside her husband Prince Philip.

England’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II is not only the longest reigning monarch in British History but an important figure many relate to in more ways than one.

English Nationals living in Laredo say there’s no hesitation when it comes to paying their respects one last time.

TAMIU Student Louise Atkinson says she would have loved to have gone to pay her respects.

“I would have definitely went down. I would’ve took some flowers. Seeing it, there was so many people, it would’ve just been great to be a part of the history. My family a few of them went down, they traveled six hours to pay their respects. And my friends have done the same. And there’s parties all over watching it, like 7, 8 hours at home”, said Atkinson.

She’s not the only one that shares her personal reasons as to why they admire the queen.

TAMIU Associate Professor of European History Stephen Duffy says she simply reined for so long and so much happened to the country in that time she had been head of state.

“Queen Elizabeth knew Winston Churchill, but she also knew the Beatles”, said Duffy.

Atkinson says she seemed like a genuinely nice person who did a lot for others.

“She went out and she would shake everyone’s hands, she doesn’t have to do that. She was so old, she could get sick, but she didn’t care. She would be hours on her feet, seeing people, taking presents from people. You could see she genuinely cared about the country”, said Atkinson.

And they say this also impacts the United States, especially the long history between both countries.

“We founded America. I think England’s had a massive effect on America, we founded them and then they got their independence. So, I think, without Americans realizing it, England has a massive part of history of the country”, said Atkinson.

Atkinson says growing up with a monarchy is something she liked to be associated with especially Queen Elizabeth and her contributions to the world.

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