LISD sees increase in flu cases

Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 3:45 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - A local school district is seeing an increase in flu cases among its student population.

In an effort to prevent the spread of the flu, LISD will be hosting various flu vaccine clinics.

The district says it has been administering vaccines since last week.

The nurses will be visiting all the district’s campuses but before a student can receive the vaccine, parents must sign a consent form.

The district is addressing concerns about mixing both the COVID-19 and flu vaccines.

Grace Lopez with LISD says some people think they can’t get the flu shot with the coronavirus vaccine, but they can actually receive both.

If they have received it to let us know, so we don’t offer it again. That way we can update the child’s medical record. We are seeing COVID-19 cases, we have 18 students currently active with COVID-19. So students are at home. We have seen flu cases as well. We’ve seen other viruses in the community right now. But those are the two that we’ve been seeing the most. It’s very important to get them protected”, said Lopez.

Lopez goes on to say that if they notice a student is not feeling well, they will send them to the nurse and the nurse will advise the parents to keep them at home or take them to a doctor for a check up.

This week, they will be offering vaccines at Kawas, Santa Nino, Daiches, DD Hachar, Leyendecker and Martin High School.

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