Haitian Migrant crisis continues in Nuevo Laredo

Published: Sep. 21, 2022 at 6:27 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - It’s been several months since Title 42 came to an end which allowed ports of entry to pause migration process for those who seek asylum in the United States.

During a recent press announcement, Nuevo Laredo Mayor’s Carmen Lilia Cantu Rosas says Haitian asylum seekers would no longer be processed through our port of entry.

A Haitian migrant by the name of Franco says he has temporarily been sheltered in Nuevo Laredo.

He says he’s working hard to help the city clean up some of the streets.

Franco says he’s waiting on a call regarding his immigration process by CBP; however, that call might be delayed for him and other 5,000 Haitians indefinitely.

It’s reported that over 100 Haitians a day are waiting for answers to their asylum request.

After recent comments from Nuevo Laredo Mayor about not allowing asylum seekers go through Laredo’s port of entry.

KGNS reached out to U.S Customs and Border Protection about the situation but their answer was vague.

In a statement, it reads CBP may on case-by-case basis provide exceptions to Title 42 particularly to vulnerable individuals.

Although they did not address if this deals with Haitians, the statement went on to say Title 42 exceptions had returned to other ports of entry.

Jose Salvador Tellez, a local immigration attorney says many Haitians could become desperate and may risk coming into the country illegally through dangerous methods.

“I think that if they still end up in there will even motivate them to cross the border illegally rather than showing up themselves at the port of entry”, said Tellez.

Although other cities across the state are seeing migrants roaming though the streets, Tellez says the gateway city won’t see it happen for now.

As more migrants keep heading to this side of the border and with other ports of entry allowing them to seek asylum, Tellez says it’s likely that migrants that stay across the border might spread to other areas and have easy access to cross the U.S.

According to CBP, the Laredo Port of Entry will continue to temporarily pause processing of Title 42 until they reach an agreement with federal and non-governmental partners to resume their operations.

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