RGISC concerned about recent river clean-up

Published: Sep. 23, 2022 at 3:59 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - As the City of Laredo continues to move forward with the Binational River Project, some bumps are starting to show.

On Thursday, KGNS News reported about a clean up near the riverbanks and now a local environmental group is speaking on why they are concerned.

What used to be a space filled with trees and vegetation right next to the riverbank below the railroad is now gone.

The area was cleared out with the use of heavy machinery.

Tricia Cortez with the Rio Grande International Study Center says when they checked the area, they were shocked about what they saw.

KGNS confirmed the area was cleared out by contractors from Border Patrol and some city officials.

She says this will not only impact the river’s water quality and landscape but also, next year’s binational conservation project.

“When we see this type of practice, it runs very counter to what’s already happening and the new direction were taking here in the city with regards the Rio Grande and the Vega”, said Cortez.

Cortez adds that next week Border Patrol officials will meet with the International Border Water Commission to further discuss why this happened and hopefully preserve the area’s natural habitat.

KGNS reached out to Border Patrol officials who say now that the area is cleared, it will help them catch undocumetned migrants who cross the border illegally.

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