City of Laredo issues residential pool citations

Published: Sep. 27, 2022 at 5:48 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - Spending time at the pool is just one way to cool off during the hot summer months.

People in Laredo have used this way to beat the heat.

Some have even rented their own pools for parties; however, the City of Laredo says they have started flagging properties that have rented their pools.

Officials say they have issued out nine citations to the property owners.

Jerry Pinzon, the City of Laredo Building official for the Business Development Service says people have misconceptions about renting their home pools.

“In reality, a rental of pools has a special zoning and it’s not a regular zone it’s required for it to be a B-4″, said Pinzon.

This makes it illegal to rent your own pool in exchange for monetary value, but many people may be wondering why is it illegal if it’s on their own private property.

“It’s a safety issue most of these places do not comply with places that are for rent”, said Pinzon.

Pinzon adds these pool party locations must have a certified lifeguard and be able to control people’s alcohol consumption.

By not meeting the city regulations, people going to a party could be at risk. It’s not only what happens within the property that’s an issue.

Investigator Joe Baeza with the Laredo Police Department says that a lot of people outside the property can cause problems for others.

“Cars, heavy congestion people who are parked you know blocking driveways. People not being able to see themselves coming out of the driveway and risk getting into an accident because there are people that are blocking both sides of the street”, said Baeza.

Not only do people get cited for renting out their pools, but also for parking violations.

The City of Laredo says people with their own pool can have parties, but it becomes illegal once they charge.

“You go at your own risk when you rent these places, but you know you are sacrificing the life and safety of others.”

The City of Laredo says these citations issued to people range in amount depending on the incident.

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