District 6 candidates strategize on Election Day

Published: Nov. 8, 2022 at 5:40 PM CST|Updated: Nov. 8, 2022 at 5:41 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - Election Day marks the end of the road for many candidates. In just a few hours from now, they will learn whether they did everything they could to get their message out to the voters.

With five very different candidates running to represent District 6, there are some similarities in several of them, at least in their strategy for working the vote on this day of reckoning.

Self-professed newcomer to the political arena, Dr. Tyler King, says he and his family were making last-minute calls and texts to registered voters reminding them to go out and vote up until last night.

Ironically, on those calls, he said that when mentioning his out-of-town roots, the reaction he receives is one of relief. “We’ve got a good reaction. I think people actually like having someone in this specific race, in this specific year, an outsider, bring a different perspective -- owing no favors, no backs to scratch, I think people are excited about that,” said King.

Candidate Rick Laurel is no stranger to running for office. He ran for this same seat back in 2018 but lost to the current councilman. In the four years that have passed since then, he says he’s learned much more about the needs of the district, even going so far as saying he was not ready to lead the district back then, but is now. “This election is a lot different. I can see a big difference in myself in how we’re speaking, in how we’re dealing with issues, and in making sure the people are aware of what the issues are. I believe I’m the best candidate,” said Laurel.

We also caught up with Fernando Baldazo, who even though has never run for political office before, says he’s worked closely with elected officials, past and present, when dealing with a variety of issues. He describes himself as a problem solver who knows how to put out fires. “When I’m elected at city council and I’m having too much trouble [getting something], I’ll find a way to negotiate with all the councilmembers or I’ll just go to the state level,” said Baldazo.

Candidate Rafa Duenas said he spent the night before Election Day relaxing and reading but was at it again this morning. “So we are just reminding people to go and vote. I think the most work we’ve done has been in the last 14 weeks where we walked every single house. We knocked on 100% of the houses in the district and today is just kinda hoping for the best,” said Duenas.

Candidate Vish Viswanath is no stranger to running for office as this is his third attempt at a city race. He says he’s ready to serve District 6 residents. “I think some people think I am aggressive, but I am more assertive than aggressive. I have my ideas and I try to push my ideas. I think I have learned to compromise but there are a few things that I am not going to compromise like ethics, values, and legal values. But then there are areas where we can compromise,” said Viswanath.

It’s clear to see each candidate has worked very hard to convince voters they are the best candidate for the position. If you still need to go out and vote, each of the 52 polling sites closes today at 7 p.m.

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