Trial of Juan David Ortiz: Day 2

Published: Nov. 29, 2022 at 9:57 AM CST
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BEXAR COUNTY, TX (KGNS) - Hour by hour of the moments leading up to the arrest of Juan David Ortiz were shown in Day 2 of the trial.

A 6-year veteran for the Texas Department of Public Safety was the first to testify during the second day of the trial.

John Henry Bradshaw said he received a BOLO, (be on the lookout alert), regarding a man possibly armed and dangerous.

Bradshaw told jurors he saw the vehicle part of the BOLO alert and the man later identified as Juan David Ortiz.

The trooper said Ortiz stopped at a store on San Bernardo, a trooper spoke to Ortiz who then fled.

According to Bradshaw, he deployed his taser, and was able to stop Ortiz.

Webb County District Attorney, Isidro Alaniz, showed Bradshaw surveillance video from the store of the day of Ortiz arrest.

A satellite image of the area was shown to jurors, the trooper detailed the length of the pursuit from the starting point to where it ended.

Bradshaw’s bodycam footage was shown in court of his interaction between Ortiz and another trooper before Ortiz fled from the store.

In total, law enforcement had been looking for Ortiz for over 2 hours.

The body cam footage shows the trooper reconvening with SWAT officers outside a hotel parking garage by San Bernardo, they are seen walking in, searching underneath vehicles and ultimately finding Ortiz in the bed of a pickup truck.

After the footage was shown, Ortiz’s attorneys briefly questioned Bradshaw on what he did after Ortiz’s arrest.

A second DPS trooper, Javier Obregon, was called to the witness stand who testified what he experienced the night Ortiz was arrested.

The troopers’ vehicle dashcam was displayed which showed Ortiz’s vehicle outside the store.

Obregon also accompanied SWAT when they entered the parking garage, his body camera showed the arrest of Ortiz which included officers searching his pockets. In the end, Obregon was one who put the handcuffs on Ortiz.

The third witness was Noe Gonzalez, a current investigator from the Webb County District Attorney’s Office.

In 2018, Gonzalez worked at the Webb County Sheriff’s Office as a criminal investigator/ SWAT member.

Gonzalez was the one who pulled Ortiz out of the bed of the truck and placed Ortiz’s belongings in an evidence bag.

Ortiz was taken into a patrol unit, video footage of inside the patrol unit was shown to jurors.

Gonzalez rode alongside Ortiz in the patrol unit to the detention station.

During the ride, Ortiz told the officers inside the patrol car the weapon he possessed was inside the truck left parked at the store on San Bernardo.

That was the only intersection inside the patrol car between Ortiz and the officers inside.

When they arrived at the detention station, Gonzalez said he witnessed through a conference room, Ortiz’s interrogation.

At the end of it, Ortiz told officers there was one last victim who was found on mile marker 13.

At the location, they found the victim with a bullet wound to the back of the victim’s head.

The judge announced a lunch recess, the trial continued after 1:15 p.m.

Roberto M. Castillo, a Webb County Sheriff Sergeant part of the Criminal Investigation Division, testified on where evidence pertaining to the case was stored and who had access to it.

He was the fourth witness.

The state reviewed the Ortiz gun, casing that were stored in the evidence room.

The fifth witness, Brandon Stern, a Webb County Sheriff Deputy currently assigned to the mental health division, testified that in 2018 he had been with the office for only 3 weeks and was tasked in the evidence division.

They reviewed the labeling of some of the evidence.

After a short recess, the sixth witness Captain Federico Calderon Webb County Sheriff’s Office, took the stand.

Calderon told the jurors he received reports of dead bodies in Webb County.

The first call came on Sept. 3 about a lifeless body off of Jeffries Road, in west Webb County; the area is 20 miles north of the city of Laredo.

Calderon told jurors he was the lead investigator, along with DPS Texas Ranger division, in the case.

At the time, the captain said he was tasked with four murders to investigate: 1 on Jefferies Road, Farm Market Rd 255, 2 off IH-35 (MM 22 & 15).

Photographs were taken of the crime scene when the captain arrived shortly after 12 p.m. on Sept. 3.

The captain described the victim was faced down, wearing shorts, no shoes and clutching a bag of M&M’s.

The victim was identified as Melissa Ramirez.

The photos of Ramirez’s body shown to jurors, Calderon says they were able to identify her through fingerprinting.

The second victim, Claudine Luera was found on Market Road 255 on September 13th not far from where Ramirez’s body was found.

Calderon told jurors both women were known as prostitutes , both worked in the same area on San Bernardo, and both were shot in the head.

Luera had been found alive but later died at a Laredo hospital. She was discovered by a truck driver passing by.

Images of what Luera was wearing and evidence found at the crime scene was shown to jurors.

The Webb County District Attorney asked the captain if Juan David Ortiz was “on their radar” on September 14th before talking to the only living witness Erika Pena.

Calderon told jurors of Pena’s demeanor the night of the attack, plus they went over Ortiz arrest.

The court recessed for the day shortly after 5:30 p.m.

Below is the original article:

Six more witnesses took the stand in the trial of the former Border Patrol agent accused of killing four women back in 2018.

All three played key roles during in the capture of Juan David Ortiz.

During the second day of the trial, two DPS Troopers and a former member of the sheriff’s office took the stand early in the morning.

The two DPS Troopers testified of approaching Ortiz outside a store on San Bernardo before his arrest.

They testified how they tried to stop Ortiz who fled from them.

Body cam and dash cam video was shown to jurors.

One of the troopers explained what happened after Ortiz was caught.

“After this we were able to get him in handcuffs, I get an order from Ranger Salinas so I can get my unit to transport him but that took too long, so Webb County brought the transport unit and they took possession of him. I made my way to the Webb County Substation”, said DPS Trooper John Henry Bradshaw.

Also, a Webb County Sheriff Sergeant who is part of the criminal investigation division testified on where evidence pertaining to the case was stored and who had access to it.

We will continue to provide you updates in our later newscasts.

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