District 2 council woman promises to bring economic growth to Laredo

Published: Nov. 30, 2022 at 11:35 AM CST
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - With the two newly-elected council members for districts 2 and 3, that makes four women that are now representing the city of Laredo.

This comes after Monday’s special city council meeting on November 28, where Daisy Rodriguez was officially sworn in for city council district 2. Rodriguez says she will work along with other council members to bring economic growth and security to Laredo.

We reached out to Rodriguez for comment, below is a Q&A:

KGNS: What are your plans as a newly elected council member?

Daisy Rodriguez: As a newly elected councilmember, I plan to hit the ground running with current and new projects for the district. A full assessment of the district is needed to address as many of the concerns of the areas, Improvement in traffic alleviation and park & rec facilities are a top priority and we need Consistency and stability in our local city government to create a better tomorrow for our people.

KGNS: How do you feel about this resounding victory against your other candidate?

Rodriguez: I feel truly humbled and honored to be the new voice of district 2. A barrier was knocked down for the future generation to have new goals to achieve. Having a recount of the election to reconfirm the results and coming out with a bigger margin shows that the true democratic process prevailed and that the citizens of district two spoke while reminding everyone that every vote matters.

KGNS: Do you think having more women as council members can be fruitful for the city?

Rodriguez: Yes, I believe that any time that there is a balance in gender, race, and social class in a body of government, things should be fruitful. Although, this doesn’t mean that it will be easy or that the outcome will be what one expects it to be, but we know that it will be a fair and balanced outcome for the city to progress.

KGNS: Do you have plans with councilwoman for Districts 3, 7, and 8 on working on a special project?

Rodriguez: Yes, anytime that there’s an opportunity to collaborate with great minds and have input on the future of our city, as this the first time that 4 females are at the table is a game changer in my eyes. Districts 3 and 8 are neighboring districts of mine so I will be expecting to work with them in any way possible to improve our areas, and district 7 has main similarities with district 2 that will help me rely on the councilmember and her experience on the related issues of our districts. Coming into council with my own ideas and prospects of the district will allow me to work with all councilmembers in chambers as well.

KGNS: What about bringing more food, economic growth, and security to the city?

Rodriguez: In my platform, economic growth and security to the city are two out of three points that I will be working on with management, council, and the private sector to improve our city. Tax abatements, and federal, state, and local grants are many alternatives that one must use to help our city. When we establish economic growth in a stable environment, all the other quality-of-life amenities will follow. My goal is to make Laredo a well round government to live, work and play in. This is the time to diversify, but not forget what in fact, put the city of Laredo on the map of the global economy.

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