LISD brings back drivers education course

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 5:48 PM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Learning how to drive is a right of passage during a teen’s years; as a result, a local school district is offering a program that will help students hit the road and get their license.

Nixon High School Student Ana Mesa did not know the meaning of being behind the wheel until she took advantage of the district’s program.

“I was terrified of the road, it’s really hard to manage all the things that you need to know I didn’t even know. You need to manage your brakes, to speed up, to accelerate, your blinkers, your mirrors and it was a lot to take in”, said Mesa.

The driver’s ed program, which was discontinued back in the 1980′s is making a U-turn to help students learn how to drive.

“You have the instructor right next to you, my instructor warned me like: “Hey there are cars here, and over here, you need to do this, and of course they do have the brake if we mess up in the process, but they are always there to guide us and that’s what I really liked about this program that I didn’t felt alone”, said Mesa.

John Roycroft, a driving ed instructor believes the program will help students learn how to park, drive safely, and be more aware on the road.

“I think it could be interesting to show these kids how to drive, maybe give them some insight, so I signed up, I was interviewed, and I was chosen for one of the spots,” said Roycroft.

According to Mr. Roycroft, sometimes it’s other people that drivers need to be aware of when driving on the road.

The program is free of charge to LISD students but there are some requirements that the potential driver must meet.

“You have to be a U.S. Citizen, you have to be under the age of 14 to 16. Once you get your driver’s permit, then you have to hold that permit for 6 months, you have to verify that you have been enrolled, that you have 90-per-cent attendance,” said LISD Counselor Cindy Dominguez

According to Dominguez, one important perk of this program is that the vehicle, the instructor, but most importantly the student is insured every time they head out for a test drive.

Other LISD officials say this program will not only be a sigh of relief for many parent’s pockets, but they will be one step closer to getting their driver’s license.

“I was not going to afford driver’s ed out of school, so now here it’s at no cost, getting the credit and very convenient for my parents to take me somewhere else,” said Mesa.

District officials say they plan to expand the program and add more vehicles, instructors and increase study capacity in the near future.

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