District Two lawsuit: Witnesses explain why they did not show up to testify

Published: Jan. 25, 2023 at 10:19 PM CST
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LAREDO, Tx (KGNS) - Threats of a hefty fine or even jail time seemed to have done the trick for at least five of the six witnesses in the lawsuit between Ricardo Rangel and Daisy Campos Rodriguez.

The individuals involved appeared before a judge to explain why they did not show up to testify about their true residence on Election Day of 2022.

Witnesses went before Judge Susan Reed to defend their failure to appear as well as their vote in the district two city council race.

During a virtual hearing, Judge Reed pointed out that Jessely Fuentes works for Justice of the Peace Bobby Quintana and should know the process, after Fuentes said a morning family matter was to blame for not showing up.

Her co-worker in Judge Quintana’s Office Staci Navarro who testified she was a campaign worker for Daisy Campos-Rodriguez also admitted she even received a witness fee check but still didn’t show up for her hearing.

The strongest words were reserved for Edgar Campos, the first cousin to Daisy Campos-Rodriguez who works as a compliance officer for the City of Laredo’s Community Development Department in administering relief funds.

“As a compliance officer, it is very important for you to comply with whatever the federal government requires you to do but you were not acting very compliant even though that’s your job when you reviewed this subpoena,” said Judge Reed.

Frustrated by the deposition, Judge Reed was so angry that she even denied Campos’ request to be excused from the upcoming trial in order to travel with other city officials to Washington D.C.

As for witness Dayra Ramos, a supervisor for the City of Laredo who works in the same department as Campos did not show up to the hearing to explain herself.

Edgar Campos testified that he did not know why, even though they currently live together and were served by constables together.

Now in a surprising twist to the case, two additional witnesses were called in to testify on the address they voted in.

The first was Laredo Police Officer Vicente Rodriguez who admitted under oath that on the day of the general election, he resided at an address in north Laredo, not at the district two address that he voted in.

The same was said for Juan Villa, another Laredo Police Officer who testified on Nov. 2022, he was not living in his previous district two home but instead had been living for months in north Laredo.

As for witnesses Yaretsy Campos, another employee of the Laredo Police Department and Jaqueline Estevis, the woman who could not provide her address or the name of the school her kids attended; attorneys were able to secure their appearance at trial.

As for the trial to determine the outcome of the 51 alleged illegal votes, all witnesses are required to show up.

That trial will be heard on Thursday at 9 a.m. at the 49th District Court.

KGNS News will be there to report the outcome.

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