Texas woman fed up with men seeking sex workers knocking on her door

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 5:19 PM CST
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PLANO, TX. (NBC 5) - A retired north Texas woman is fed up with men searching for sex workers showing up at her property.

She said it has been non-stop since last year, at least one of the men came from Laredo, Texas.

Instead of basking in her retirement, Elaine White has been left with sleepless nights wondering how or why her east Plano home is being used online to lure men looking for sex workers.

“As many hookers and prostitutes are out there, go get one. Leave me alone. I’m not here for that”, said White.

White claims men ring the doorbell and say they have arrived for their appointment with Nikki or Kelly.

Since last year, White says roughly 25 men have come to her door at all hours, young and old, all ethnicities, locals and from as far away as Laredo.

White has even confronted them and told them to leave or they will be arrested.

She says police have responded, but only make the men leave, telling her she could be the innocent victim of a sex trafficking ring posing as massage website.

“Some sex website that nasty old men go and look for sex,” said White. “They pay Venmo for the services and then they get my address and they come here.”

Security signs aren’t keeping men away, neither is a spray painted sign she’s resorted to saying ‘Kelly does not live here.’

Fed up with the uninvited guests, she’s backing up a warning on her door.

“Yes I have my Smith & Wesson 357 magnum loaded 4 inch barrel next to me and I answer the door with it,” said White.

While incredibly frustrating that this keeps happening and no one is being arrested, Ms. White says she does appreciate the quick response from police anytime she calls.

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