UISD asking parents to check child’s backpack before and after school

Published: Feb. 2, 2023 at 3:23 PM CST
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LAREDO, TX (KGNS) - A local school district is advising parents to keep an eye on what their child is bringing to campus.

UISD sent an e-mail to some parents requesting them to check their child’s backpack before and after school.

The e-mail states that this past week, a student brought a prohibited item to school by mistake after they had used the backpack over the weekend.

According to Sylvia Abrego with the UISD Police Department, sometimes a student can bring an item to school that can spark panic.

“They are taking play guns, they’re taking bb guns that they find, they think it’s a joke or sometimes they even dare each other,” said Abrego. “‘Oh I dare you to bring it’ and that’s mainly what they do. They don’t mean any harm however they do cause alarm to the administration and to the police department and to the other families.”

Abrego goes on to say that they take every threat seriously, so if the school or police department receives a call about a possible weapon on campus, they can face serious consequences.

She also states that school officials have also found vape pens which are also prohibited on school grounds.

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