Nashville Police release bodycam footage of police shooting school shooter

Published: Mar. 28, 2023 at 11:21 AM CDT
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NASHVILLE, TN (KGNS) - New body camera footage has been released showing officers confronting the suspect during Monday’s shooting at a Nashville school that left three children and three adults dead.

The video may be disturbing to some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.

This is video was released on Tuesday by the Metro Nashville Police Department.

It was captured on body worn cameras from two of the officers who responded to the scene; portions of the video were pixelated by the police department before it was released.

You can see officers arriving on scene and getting information from a woman outside the school.

They immediately entered the building and began searching classrooms and an office on the first floor of the covenant school.

Before rushing up a stairwell and moving down two long hallways toward the sound of loud gun shots.

You then see officers confront the shooter, who was standing in front of a large window in what appears to be an atrium.

Officials previously stated that the suspect was shooting at officers outside from a second story school window.

The body camera footage then shows the officers firing multiple rounds until the suspect goes down.

Video from a second officer’s bodycam, gives an additional view of what transpired during those tragic and harrowing minutes inside the school in Nashville, Tennessee as police officers brought an end to the shooting.

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