Women’s History Month: A sisterhood for change

Published: Apr. 4, 2023 at 9:10 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) -As March wraps up so does the KGNS’ Women’s History Month segment. Four women, who were nominated by the community, were featured every night.

We complete this series by spotlighting not one woman but a group of them, the Women’s City Club.

This group is giving a new definition to the term “pretty in pink.” Looking at the work they have done, as a non-profit, you can easily see this group is full of empowered, independent and committed women who are giving back to the community.

The Women’s City Club has been a staple in the Laredo community since 1949.

“Originally, 74 years ago it was created to help in the education field and nursing field,” Ana Laura Guajardo, the current president said.

Now several decades later, the club’s legacy lives through the current members.

“We start with a budget of zero every single year in January, so we have the challenge from January to December to raise the funds to help the agencies,” Guajardo said.

The types of organizations the group helps have diversified since its initiation. Over 30 non-profits are given some sort of assistance each year through the funds raised by the Women’s City Club. In 2022, the organization raised $200,000

“Shelters may need beds, or there is a need for a refrigerator,” Guajardo said. “There is never money exchanged but items are granted through the application process.”

It’s a selfless undertaking and a commitment to be an active member of the Women’s City Club.

“Being involved allows me to hot only be involved with one agency, but several,” said Raquel San Miguel, who has been a member for 20 years.

Despite the true undertaking, members like Nancy de Anda, who has been in it for 45 years, said she wouldn’t change a thing.

" We have no salaries,” de Anda said. “Everything we do comes from our hearts.”

Aside from the work they do for the community, the group represents something bigger—a sisterhood.

“It becomes a fellowship of women empowering each other to help the community,” Guajardo said.

Their Desire to make a difference has created not only a bond but the force to continue a legacy for the women before them and after them.

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