Dog poisoning cases surge during the Easter holiday

Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 4:11 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx. (KGNS) - As we prepare to hop into Easter, we might drop a few chocolates along the way.

One pet-loving organization is reminding the public about the dangers these sweet treats can impose on our four-legged friends.

It’s common knowledge that chocolate is toxic to dogs, but new data shows that chocolate poisoning in canines nearly doubles during Easter time.

Around this time last year, poisoning cases were 123-percent higher than every other time of the year, excluding December, according to data released by the Kennel Club.

Now, the Laredo Animal Protective Society is warning pet owners to be aware of the dangers of Easter.

“It’s just very important to keep an eye out. There’s a lot of hazards especially around the holidays of things that your pets can get into. So we do recommend to keep an eye out, make sure you let your kids know the importance because a lot of the times accidents happen, but just be very careful,” said Cynthia Gutierrez with LAPS.

During the Easter holiday, many people decorate their house with lilies.

Keep in mind that these plants can be toxic to both dogs and cats, however the effects are much more severe in cats since it can cause them to develop fatal kidney failure in less than three days, according to the CDC.

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