TAMIU professor discusses the potential flaws of artificial intelligence

Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 6:15 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx. (KGNS) - Artificial intelligence, or A.I. for short is already changing the way we search and work on the internet, but it is also causing concerns for some in other fields.

Since “ChatGPT” showed up on the tech scene last fall, people were amazed at how it was able to simulate originality and authentic human thought.

Since then, people have become worried about how powerful that software is and how it can be used for the wrong purpose, either cheating in the classroom or for other nefarious purposes.

While it’s still very early, Dr. Arthur D. Soto Vasquez, an assistant professor of communication at TAMIU believes programs like Chat GPT are causing something called Hallucination.

“Which is, essentially, where it kind of makes up stuff that sounds very convincing. Right? So, if you ask it, ‘write a research project human-computer interaction,’ whatever. It’ll say, ‘according to a study by so-and-so, it says this.’ It’ll sound convincing, but the issue is that that study is made up. Right? Said Dr. Vasquez. “It’ll kind of make it seem like ‘oh, this is trustworthy,’ but it’s not. So, of course, there’s risk for misinformation, disinformation to be spread by AI, and it looks very convincing, right? That’s an existing issue on the Internet.”

Dr. Vasquez goes on to say that it is possible AI will change the face of employment in the future, maybe costing jobs but at the same time also creating new opportunities.

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