Laredo prepares for potential migrant surge after end of Title 42

Published: Apr. 27, 2023 at 3:46 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx. (KGNS) - The Laredo Sector Border Patrol is not expecting a change in the number of migrant crossings now that Title 42 will end but the city and non-governmental organizations are preparing in the event that a surge happens.

Catholic Charities along with the Holding Institute are the non-governmental organizations in Laredo.

Back in 2021, Laredo saw a surge of migrants which led to the city busing them out to other cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin costing thousands of taxpayer dollars.

Laredo Mayor Dr. Trevino said officials are preparing with emergency officials and the NGO’s in the event that they see a surge in the Gateway City.

“We have to be prepared, chief heard from the fire department being the EMC will direct this - there will be an effort to have more personnel at the NGO’s and areas in the city that will allocate these migrants,” said Dr. Trevino. “We can’t assume that because we haven’t seen that problem in great severity before - it will not happen. Preparedness is in the utmost importance.”

From last October to April, Border Patrol is reporting 19 migrant deaths compared to 79 from last year and an increase in rescues between the past five years.

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