Upgrades to Antler’s Crossing: Is it now safe?

Published: May. 19, 2023 at 11:47 AM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Upgrades to Antler’s Crossing: Is it Now Safe?

Back in April, a group of residents living in Antler’s Crossing went before the Laredo City Council asking for several safety measures to be put in place to ensure kids living in the neighborhood could safely cross the 5-lane Springfield extension thoroughfare, set to open soon, to get to Divine Mercy Park. City officials responded saying they would look into what could be done. Currently, even with a stop sign put in place at a crosswalk intersection, not one, not two, but three drivers were all caught on camera speeding right through it.  Not even the warning signs proved to make a difference.

Even so, there have been some improvements over the last month since we last spoke to Antler’s Crossing resident, Mika Zeisman.

“We just need a crosswalk and some kind of warning sign that the crosswalk is coming up,” she said. “That way drivers know to stop because there’s kids, there’s children crossing, there’s school buses and things like that.”

One of the improvements city officials have made includes putting up speed limit signs.

“That’s definitely helping slow down the traffic just a bit,” said Zeisman.

Crews have also been repaving the damaged roads caused by 18-wheelers using the road. However, that may be short-lived.

“We still see 18-wheelers flying through the road, destroying the road,” Zeisman continued. “If we can somehow just slow down the 18-wheeler traffic--I understand as Laredo, we cannot get away from 18 wheelers, this is the lifeline of Laredo, I totally get it.”

The 3-way stop at Topaz Trail and Springfield Ave. was also added, but to be effective, drivers need to see it. To help with that, Dr. Tyler King, Councilmember for the area says LED lights will soon be installed on the stop signs.

“We want to enhance the stop signs and the Interim Traffic Director, Mr. Robert Pena, recommended the lights,” explained Dr. King at a recent City Council meeting. “Given the limited operation budget of the department, we decided this should be paid for out of District 6 priority funds.”

With these additional lights and signage, officials are hopeful drivers will make the right decisions that will ultimately save a life. But only time will tell if these upgrades are enough to keep people safe.

“Maybe we can work on that issue and after that, I think we will be happy,” said Zeisman.

As for when the LED lights will be installed, Council Member King says they’ve already been ordered and should arrive within 30 days. He says the Springfield extension will not open until they are installed. City crews are also currently working with AEP on installing underground conduits for lighting. City officials say opening the Springfield extension is a priority.

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