Mother continues to seek answers 10 months after her son died in Laredo

Published: Jun. 1, 2023 at 11:12 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx (KGNS) - It’s a common story; migrants who make the long journey to get to the U.S. and sadly lose their lives while attempting to achieve the American Dream.

It has been ten months since this happened to Pedro Meza, now his mother is opening up about her son’s passing as well as what authorities have been able to say about handing over his remains.

It was July 2022 when Pedro Meza’s body was found along the intersection of Houston and Santa Isabel.

Now, almost one year later his mother finally received some answers regarding her son’s remains.

Meza said she does not understand why the process of receiving her son’s body has taken so long.

She said he was identified July of 2022 when his brother left contact information for Pedro’s body, which was found in good state, and she has provided her and Pedro’s DNA before.

After communication went silent for several months, Meza decided to turn to non-governmental organizations for help.

The organization United Giving Hope managed to bring her to the U.S. and El Buen Samaritano welcomed her with open arms in the Gateway City.

“She’s in a humanitarian parole, that she’s got. So, it’s a temporary permit for a couple of weeks,” said Pastor Lorenzo Ortiz.

Now the next step is to take DNA samples of Rosa Meza to match with her son’s Pedro.

After that, they hope everyone involved helps speed up the process.

“Then we got to go to the Mexican Consulate and we want to encourage the Mexican Consulate to be part of all of this. Because it’s been too long and we’ve been doing everything as churches, as NGOs, and we try to do all the job that Ms. Stern is supposed to do, the Mexican consul is supposed to do, so we hope that this time they all come on board, and we finish this up,” said Ortiz.

In the end, Rosa pleads for this process to speed up.

Rosa has been in agony waiting for too long without having her child.

Pastor Ortiz said they have everything set up to take the DNA samples to San Antonio.

They were told the DNA sample process should only take a couple of hours; however, CBP would extend her humanitarian parole if needed.

Meza has been told the fingerprints could not be used to identify her son since Mexico’s fingerprinting system is not compatible with the one used here in the U.S.

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