Man who allegedly discharged firearm inside Hillside apartment passes away

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 11:22 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx (KGNS) - A police call about a man allegedly acting erratic and wandering around a central Laredo neighborhood ends with a reported death believed to be due to a drug overdose.

According to Laredo Police, officers were called out to Hillside Road and Cypress Drive at around 9 a.m. after reports of a man waving a gun in the streets.

Officers were able to locate the man, who lived at an apartment complex on Hillside.

Authorities say the man was displaying unusual behavior allegedly associated with substance abuse and was detained.

Laredo Police say paramedics took the man to the hospital where he later died of an overdose.

A neighbor who lives in the area said she was startled by the commotion.

“We came outside to see what was going on and they had a gentlemen in handcuffs and in his undergarments, like if they just rolled him out of bed, and he was crying in agony and an ambulance came and took him away and shortly after they were inspecting the outside of the home like if they were looking for I don’t know bullet homes, damage, fragments or something,” said the unidentified neighbor.

Paramedics transported the man to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Laredo Police searched the home and discovered that the man discharged his weapon inside his apartment, but nobody was home or injured as a result of the discharge.

The man’s identity has not been released at this time.

Below is the last updated version of this story:

Heavy Laredo Police presence is reported at a neighborhood on Hillside.

Laredo Police have put up caution tape, closed off the area and were seen searching one of the houses at the 1200 block of Hillside.

Residents and drivers are advised to avoid the area until police are finished assessing the situation.

A neighbor who lives in the area, said she heard a loud bang in the morning and then moments later, several law enforcement officers arrived outside the house with weapons and tactical gear.

According to the witness, one person was seen taken into custody and another was seen taken on a stretcher.

Laredo Police officers were seen searching the property and the area for possible evidence.

At this time, Laredo Police have not confirmed whether a shooting took place.

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