ERCOT discusses managing Texas power grid during scorching summer

Published: Jun. 28, 2023 at 6:07 PM CDT
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FORT WORTH, TX. (NBC) - ERCOT, the agency in charge of the Texas power grid, forecasts another record-setting day for power use.

Energy leaders met in Fort Worth Tuesday to talk about the challenges ahead for the industry.

A key topic was managing population growth and increasing demand on the state’s power grid.

ERCOT has diversified the grid using wind, solar, natural gas and nuclear power.

This comes after the legislature recently approved incentives for new power generation, but State Senator Kelly Hancock said that getting that capacity built and on the grid will take time.

“I do think as we move forward, we’ve done a lot. Now it’s time to let the markets kind of settle out so that investors are comfortable coming in and investing in the type of technologies we need,” said Sen. Hancock.

Another challenge is keeping the cost down. Texans saw record electric bills last summer.

Lawmakers hope a more balanced market will keep prices low.

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