Laredo elementary school student found in possession of toy pellet gun

Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 5:34 PM CDT
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - An elementary school student is found in possession of an inoperable toy pellet gun.

On Thursday, UISD sent out a statement to parents and guardians of students who attend Arndt Elementary.

According to the statement, the district received information that a student was found in possession of the toy pellet gun which he allegedly showed students on a school bus.

While the situation remains under investigation, the district assures that no threat was made against any school or individual and that the appropriate disciplinary consequences will apply.

Below is the official statement from UISD:

Dear Arndt Elementary Parent or Guardian, I believe it is important to inform you of situations on our campus, even if your child may not have been directly impacted. We received information today that a student was in possession of an inoperable toy pellet gun. School administrators and the UISD Police Department responded immediately, and the situation has been fully investigated. No threat was made against the school or any individual; however, we did discover through the investigation that the student had an inoperable toy pellet gun and showed it to students on the bus. I want to assure you, appropriate disciplinary consequences will apply, but federal law prohibits us from sharing any of that specific information. United ISD and the UISD Police Department take very seriously the safety of our students.

We are asking all parents to talk to your children about safety. If you see or hear any possible threats, please report them immediately to District authorities or police.

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