Government shutdown averted: Webb County Party Chairs highlight key issues

Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 4:34 PM CDT
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Webb County (KGNS) - Many Americans, especially those who work for the federal government were relieved that a government shutdown was averted.

However, with a new deadline of Nov. 17, many hope that lawmakers do the right thing to prevent another government shutdown.

The shutdown could have left more than two million active-duty and reserve military troops without pay as well as cut funding to many programs and services that Americans depend on.

While the government is still operating, many residents wish that lawmakers would work together to prevent another shutdown from happening.

Webb County Republican Chair Luis de la Garza and Democratic Chair Sylvia Bruni spoke out about how Congress narrowly avoided a shutdown.

“They are playing this embarrassing and horrific game (Republicans) of threatening the entire community, threatening our veterans, our children, our military, our government,” said Bruni.

“We are looking at the inflation and we are looking at interest rates, and when you have a compact and combination you have something that is crippling our country, so while it’s good that we avoided the shutdown, we have to address the elephant in the room,” said De la Garza.

Last week, Mayor Dr. Victor Treviño issued a disaster declaration as a preventative measure in the event that a government shutdown would occur and affect a community that heavily relies on federal agents.

Mayor Dr. Trevino sent a statement to KGNS saying, “Shutdowns do not strengthen our border, also, we are not preventing a bigger humanitarian disaster if we do not improve and properly staff our immigration system and ports of entry.”

This short-term bill includes a 16-billion-dollar funding to the U.S. Government through Nov. 17.

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