Daughters who testified in sexual assault trial against father speak out

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 6:50 PM CDT
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LAREDO, Tx. (KGNS) - The man on trial for allegedly abusing two minors is found dead Wednesday morning.

Both the state and defense confirmed Miguel Angel Tuñon took his own life on what would have been day three of his trial.

On Tuesday, the victims took the stand and testified against Tuñon.

He was out on bond; however, the court did appoint 24-hour surveillance after concerns of Tuñon fleeing were addressed.

The girls who outcried about the abuse are speaking out about the trial and on the man who they say violated their trust.

For Michelle and Rachel, hearing that Miguel Angel Tuñon had taken his own life was met with mixed emotions.

“I think our immediate gut reaction was disappointment, I think at first, we felt it was something cowardly to have done,” said Michelle.

The sisters say they faced years of sexual abuse by Tuñon, their father.

“I feel like I’m still processing, it’s something that is very difficult to have to deal with it. We thought he might do something like this, but it never crossed my mind he would actually do it,” said Rachel.

Both women testified the graphic details of the abuse during the trial.

The abuse, they say began before they were teenagers and years afterwards.

The sisters say they suffered from depression and suicidal thoughts because of it.

For Rachel, her mission now is to work with a ministry to help victims.

“I want to be that safe space for teenagers and youth who are going through things in their homes and I think we’re all trying to make the most of their situation. I think we are grateful we have each other,” said Rachel.

Although the end of the case against their father was not the outcome, they anticipated, both women hope others who are suffering from abuse will speak out.

“These are not easy conversations to have, and we went through something really traumatic that I would hope not a lot of people get to experience,” said Michelle. “I think even though we had a low- low this morning and we came in with some high hopes. We were so excited to celebrate and have a resolution, I think I found closure and I’m hoping my sister and mother found closure that our story was told. We have a community that is behind us right now, supporting us. Use this story to identify problems in their lives and hopefully help someone in the process.”

Due to Tuñon’s death, the case was officially dismissed and closed.

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