Suspect on trial is confirmed dead by Webb County District Attorney, charges dismissed

Published: Oct. 4, 2023 at 10:01 AM CDT
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LAREDO, Tex. (KGNS) - UPDATE: Miguel Angel Tuñon was found dead at his residence at the 100 block of Lindenwood Dr.

No signs of foul play were found.

Today would have been the third day of his trial, with closing arguments set to begin.

During yesterday’s testimony, one of Tuñon’s alleged victims said the defendant intimidated her to stay quiet and threatened to take his life if she ever told anyone of the abuse.

Also during yesterday’s court hearing, state prosecutors had moved to keep the defendant in custody -- since Tuñont was free on bond.

The court recommended a monitor be placed on Tuñon, but instead, law enforcement was placed on 24-hour surveillance outside his home

According to Webb County District Attorney Isidro Alaniz, that was because of concerns that Tuñon would attempt to flee to Mexico.

As for the fate of the case, the district attorney says, “The state has no option other than to dismiss the charges. The case is a mistrial. Today was going to be the final arguments of the case and that will no longer happen.”

Tuñon’s defense attorney says he found out the news this morning at the courthouse.

Almaraz calls it a tragedy for the case to end the way it did but maintained his client’s presumption of innocence.

He told us, “Mr. Tuñon died an innocent man. The reason I say that is he was never found guilty by a jury of his peers and he certainly never pled guilty. So, they may have thought they had a very strong case, but that’s what juries are for.”

Mr. Almaraz had a few more things to say about finding out about his client’s untimely passing, a polygraph Tuñon took that he passed, and parting words to the family.

Miguel Angel Tuñon, whose trial commenced this week on Monday, Oct. 2, was confirmed dead by the district attorney Wednesday morning.

Details of the circumstances surrounding his death are light as well as the immediate court proceedings that were scheduled for Wednesday.

The case dates back to October 2019 when Tuñon was arrested after being accused of sexually abusing a family member.

This week, his trial commenced in the 341st District Court.

The first two days of the trial began with police investigators testifying on evidence seized on Tuñon’s digital devices, Tuñon’s ex-wife taking the stand, a therapist who counseled one of the victims, and testimony by two of the alleged victims in question.

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