Laredo first responders take part in mass casualty training

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Published: Nov. 16, 2023 at 6:13 PM CST
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LAREDO, TX. (KGNS) - Laredo Police and the Laredo Fire Department held a training to prepare medical personnel on how to respond during an active shooter situation where victims are in need of medical care.

When authorities give the commands via radio, it means that it’s time for paramedics to enter during an active shooter situation.

Laredo Paramedics are then escorted by two Laredo Police officers to enter into the premises.

On Thursday afternoon, both first responders, Laredo Fire Department and Laredo Police Department joined forces for a mass casualty training.

Investigator Joe Baeza said law enforcement is the first ones on the scene when shots are fired.

“What you want to do is tend to as many people as you can in the safest way possible,” said Baeza. “So instead of waiting for it to be secured and cleared you can get closer by sending them in them with an escort tending to the sick or pulling them out.”

The Laredo Fire Department received some real hands-on training.

First, medics put on their bulletproof vest and head gear.

After they prepared, they got into a line, and a police officer is set up in front of the medics, in the middle and at the end of the line.

The team makes their way into the building to find injured people and bring them out of the building.

Making their way into the building where they would need to find the injured and bring them out of the building.

Laredo Fire and Laredo Police have been training for this for months.

The Laredo fire department is reporting that they need to train 360 people,” said Ricardo Oliva Jr.

Oliva said that this is the first training that they do to ensure that medics help those who are injured immediately.

“The patients that do lose their lives in situations of mass shootings is usually because they lose blood right because of some artery they were hit by a bullet or something like that,” said Oliva.

Both agencies say that by holding these types of trainings, their mission is clear, to save more lives.

Both agencies say they have in classroom trainings before the head out to the field.

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