Altezza Events: 8 Things to Know when Shopping for an Event Venue

Chelsea Morgensen sits down with Claudia Rodriguez from Altezza events to talk about 8 things to know when shopping for an event venue.

1.Choose the venue Not the Date: Always try to stay as close as possible to the date you are looking for, but do not sacrifice/exchange the venue and service you want for the date in another venue with a lesser value in service and overall client experience. In our experience we’ve had clients that host a Quinceañera even up to 2 months before or after the actual birthday. Even if the XV or sweet 16 is a lot more time sensitive than a wedding in regards to the date.

2.How can someone avoid having to move their date so far off their preferred date? BOOK YOUR DATE as far as 2 years in advance. This will allow for better date availability and a better overall planning process.

3. Valid questions to ask when visiting different venues? One very valid question that most brides don’t think about is; how many waiters will there be serving my guest and will they be present through out the entire event, (elaboration) because many venues hire the waiting staff with the catering company and the waiting staff is only present up until right after dinner then they disappear.

4.What other tips can you give us when shopping around for an event venue? Cheaper is not always better. Many consumers will be drawn to a low event package price, and most of the time it will not include many of the brides decor preferences or services.

5.What are some ways to determine the quality or value of the event package that I am paying for? There are 3 major determining factors for your event package total: Day of the week, Guest Count, and Event Decor.

6.Examples of these 3? The day of the week does determine the price for example, Saturday’s are our most popular day and the one in highest demand so naturally that is a higher priced day.

7.The second contributing factor is the guest count because more guests equals more linens, food, centerpieces, waiting staff and drinks.

8.Our last contributing factor for price is The Event Decor, for instance fresh floral elements are more expensive than artificial flowers. You have to also ask the venue you are considering, what their standard table decor is...are you limited in colors? do they offer an overlay? are the charger plates included? what centerpieces are available in the standard price? All these are very important questions to ask when booking your event venue.

1. Book the venue not the date
2. Book 2 years early
3. Ask about waiting
4. Cheaper is not always Better
5. Determining factors for price are: Day of The Week, Guest Count, and Event Decor...

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