Altezza Events: Quinces and Sweet 16

Claudia Rodriguez from Altezza Events talks to Chelsea Morgensen about 8 Things to Know About Quinceaneras and Sweet 16 Events.

1.Back to school Season is where we see the most bookings for Quinceañeras or Sweet 16 Celebrations. Mainly because this is where most parents and teenagers can reconnect with the teen guests (friends) that are in school with them and have a better idea of their guest count.

2. Most commonly, clients book their daughters event as early as their 13th birthday.

3. What happens if your daughter doesn't want a quince or sweet 16 party? Sometimes they change their mind once they get invited and start attending these events themselves. A lot of the times this “change of mind” allows for little or no time for the parents to plan, or pay for the ideal event they would’ve wanted her to have. It can be booked in advance just in case!

4. Trends: A very convenient and traditional service is the Chambelan or Escort service to form part of the formal presentation. Another pretty cool trend is having the Quinceañeras name in Jumbo Letters in the venue the day of.
Other Trends are:
a. Digital Photo Booth
b. Surprise Dances
c. Surprise Dance with Dad or Mom
d. LED Robot Show

5. What Altezza offers: The bridal and quince event packages are All- Inclusive. We are a one-stop-shop event venue and have all the services you’ll need to host your event stress free at Altezza.

6. Average costs for a truly all- events run anywhere between 16,000-18,000, however our most popular event packages are around 10-12 thousand.

7. DJ vs Live band - In our experience we’ve found that they rather have a DJ because of the variety of music that the DJ offers in contrast to band that might be a one genre band. There are times when our clients combine a band with a DJ

8. Altezza is giving away two events to two lucky brides or Quinceañeras. All they have to do is go to our website and register to win!

Fall Bridal and XV Expo happening on Sunday, September 8th from 12pm to 5pm at both locations: 2720 S. Zapata Hwy. & 5430 Riverside Dr.

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