VIX: CBD Medic on 8 Things to Know About CBD

Here's 8 Things to Know About CBD!

1.CBD Medic is a line of CBD Safe topical creams sold in Laredo by authorized dealer VIX Medical Equipment

2.Cannabidiol is also know as CBD and is completely safe to use topically

3.CBD should not be confused with THC.

4. CBD Products will not get you "the high" THC does.

5. There is no age limit for the use of CBD Medic products, however, it is not recommended to use on newborns.

6. CBD Medic is a good alternative for pain relief, and has a full line on uses that ranges from pain and inflammation to eczema, acne and other dermatological uses.

7. CBD use has also been incorporated into celebrities and athletes regimen, a very trendy/popular product!

8. You can find CBD Medic products at VIX Medical Equipment located on 7109 Bartlett Ave. Ste 103.

For more information, visit their website at