12-Year-Old Takes The Wheel

(KTUU/NBC News) Melaniah Andrade isn't old enough to drive a car, but she's being hailed a hero after taking the wheel after her mother suffered a seizure on the road.

"She wasn't talking to me, and she wasn't really responding back to what I was saying, or what I was doing," Melaniah says.

She and her mother were heading to their Wasilla, Alaska home after shopping when she started having a seizure.

"It was such a scary moment in both of our lives," says Melaniah's mother, Nicole Johnson. "You know, nothing like that had ever happened."

Johnson has had medical problems in the past, but never a seizure.

"I was shocked, because i was just, I didn't know what was going on," Melaniah said.

That's when she decided to call 911. After explaining the situation, she was able to guide dispatch to her and her mother by telling them the roads they were crossing, and eventually stopping the car.

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